Michael McDermott for New York Governor 2014

About the Team

Michael McDermott for Governor
Mike with his daughters

With my daughters (L-R): Danielle, Alicyn, Heather & Gracie

Michael became a candidate for the Hauppauge School Board in 1986 and was elected to a three year term. He became President of the School Board the second and third years, reducing taxes every year as President.

Michael obtained a Real Estate Brokers License on September 10, 2001 and proceeded to work as a real estate broker and developer from 2001 – 2008.

In 2012, Michael successfully got on the ballot for Congress in Long Island’s third district. He spoke at the League of Women Voters debate, and did extremely well. Michael was pushing hard to be a force in the rest of the debate series (six in all), when the island was devastated by hurricane Sandy.

One of the issues that was key in Michael’s decision to run for Governor was the large number of petition signatures he was required to obtain to get on the ballot for Congress, and the loss of valuable time talking to citizens and promoting his campaign due to the onerous requirements. He is committed to returning choice to the healthcare field, and preventing New Yorkers from being told what medical plans they must buy via the so-called Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). He also has a young daughter, and wants to stop the horrific implementation of the Common Core federal disaster from destroying the education of our youth.

Michael McDermott

Michael McDermott

Michael is a member of the Conservative Society for Action, and a member of the Long Island Oathkeepers.

As a Libertarian, Michael is also in favor of keeping government, local and otherwise, out of personal relationships, stopping the government from spying on its citizens with drones and other electronic surveillance, and removal of long prison terms for non-violent, no victim offenses.

Michael is a staunch advocate of our right to free speech, and the right to free expression, as long as such action does not harm others.

Having seen the ugly side of politics on many occasions, Michael McDermott believes in principle over all else, including political parties. He wants to get the government off of our backs and out of our bedrooms and wallets. Michael is also a “uniter”, bringing together many groups that are usually contentious to support him and his campaign.

Michael has gathered a high-powered team to completely revamp the most important offices in New York State government. Bring New York back from the brink of bankruptcy and loss of residents and business, donate to the campaign, and vote for McDermott’s Team in November!

The rest of the Gubernatorial Team:

Christopher Edes for Lieutenant Governor

Christopher Edes

Christopher Edes

Chris Edes founded the Greater Rochester Libertarian Party in 2007 and served as its Chair for five years, building the party into a respected alternative in Rochester politics. Chris also served as State Chair of the Libertarian Party of New York in 2009. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Genesee Valley Civil Liberties Union, and serves as Chair for the Monroe County chapter of the Shooters Committee on Political Education.

Chris was born in Rochester, NY and has lived there most of his life. He enjoys living in New York, where a person can experience all four seasons: a warm summer day, a colorful autumn, a white Christmas, and spring’s inspiring renewal. He would like to ensure that his state is a place where people can live free and prosper. Chris has worked in the past for the Free & Equal Elections Foundation and is currently self-employed as a web developer and information technology consultant.

Chris is a long time activist for individual liberty and popular government. Since 2005, he has worked to build a viable alternative for people who believe the two party system has failed to provide adequate choices for representation in public office.

John Clifton for New York State Comptroller

John Clifton

John Clifton

John Clifton was born in Georgia and grew up in New York, mainly in Jamaica, Queens. He attended PS 50 (valedictorian, 1969), IS 8, Andrew Jackson HS, and Parsons/the New School for Social Research. John Clifton is a Navy Veteran (six years, on Poseidon and Trident II class submarines), and social worker (in homeless outreach, mental health, drug counseling, and foster care prevention over the past 15 years), serving in a supervisory capacity in both fields. He has also been active in network marketing, real estate and internet freelance work.

In 2003, Mr. Clifton was elected state chair of the Libertarian Party of New York, and continued in that capacity through 2006. He remains active in civil liberties and related liberty issues. He has advocated for servicemen’s benefits when working at Black Veterans for Social Justice in Brooklyn, while objecting to the inadequate transition training that has often left vets “economically disabled” upon their release from duty. As an advocate for property rights and against eminent domain abuse, John Clifton has fought for Nassau black residents by speaking at rallies on behalf of St. Luke’s Pentecostal Church in Long Island, and similar causes.

He has been on the speaker’s bureau of the Libertarian Freedom Council, and has appeared on numerous state and national media, including C-Span, “Damn Right Diner,” Brian Higgins, TalkBack (Lisa Evers), WNYC-AM Radio (Brian Lehrer), etc.; he was once interviewed by ‘Johnny Rotten’ Lyden, and Alan Chartock on WAMC.

He encourages African American individuals and companies “to fully realize their freedoms and restore the economic prosperity comparable to the rest of America, we must reclaim responsibility for our lives.” Mr. Clifton is Chief Operating Officer of East New York Holdings Ltd, and Executive Vice President at Applied Anthropologics Inc., a business consultation service that applies social science concepts to furthering minority business development in the New York market.

He may be contacted at 347-869-1729, or e-mail: electclifton@spamarrest.com.

Carl Person for New York State Attorney General

Carl Person in Attorney General Court Attire

Carl Person in Attorney General court attire

Carl E. Person (pronounced ‘Peerson’) is an American attorney and politician. He founded the Paralegal Institute in the early 1970s and played a pivotal role in creating the paralegal field. He was a candidate for the 2012 presidential nomination of the United States Libertarian Party, and sought the nomination of the Reform Party for Mayor of New York City in the 2013 mayoral election.

Carl is a graduate of Long Island University and Harvard Law School. In 1968, Carl started his own law practice, and has been an individual practitioner ever since. Person’s law practice from the start has focused on litigation in federal and state courts. His first case, an antitrust action, was brought against General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Corporation and others, and lasted 18 years. Person’s litigation experience includes civil rights, antitrust, mortgage foreclosure defense, securities fraud, copyright, trademark, age discrimination, price discrimination, employment termination, franchise termination, and other cases in which individuals and/or small businesses have claims against major corporations or government agencies.

In 1972 Person founded the Paralegal Institute and was instrumental in creating the paralegal field.

When Ralph Anspach invented a game he called “Anti-Monopoly”, Parker Brothers charged that it infringed on their copyright and trademark for their game, Monopoly, and a lower court agreed. All of Anspach’s inventory of his game was dumped in a Minnesota landfill pursuant to court order. Person obtained a reversal in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court upheld this victory when it denied certiorari.

Carl Person has functioned as a private attorney general in several cases, enforcing civil rights and antitrust laws on behalf of individuals and small businesses.

In cooperation with Michael McDermott the Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, Gigi Bowman, Libertarian candidate for NY State Senate District 5, and Grant Lally, Libertarian Candidate for Congress in Congressional District 3, Carl is spearheading the effort to restrict the explosion of red light camera installations, and the burdensome and onerous “taxation by ticket” that is unconstitutionally spying on innocent people, and making certain private companies very, very rich.

One of the best things New York can do to stop the avalanche of over-regulation and throttling of our economy is to vote Carl Person Attorney General. There is no doubt that he will bring a swift end to these legislative fiscal and legal games.