Michael McDermott for New York Governor 2014

McDermott Team Submits 3200 Petition Pages For New York Gubernatorial Race, McDermott Off And Running!

Via Independent Political Report and Mark Axinn, New York Libertarian Party Chair -

Albany, NY (August 20, 2014)—The Libertarian Party of New York submitted over 30,000 signatures Tuesday to afford New Yorkers an alternative to the failed policies of the two major parties.

Libertarian Party State Chair Mark Axinn commented, “Once again, the Libertarian Party has amassed enough signatures so that voters can choose true freedom-loving candidates this November. Unlike tax-and-spend Democrats and borrow-and-spend Republicans, only the Libertarian Party candidates will actually slow the growth of government.”

New York’s Libertarian ticket will be headed by Long Island realtor Michael McDermott for Governor. Michael is joined by Rochester’s own Chis Edes for Lt. Governor, Queens’ U.S. Navy veteran John Clifton for Comptroller, Manhattan defense lawyer Carl Person for Attorney General, Grant Lally for Congressional District 3 (Long Island), Huntington’s Gigi Bowman for Senate District 5 (Long Island) and Mark Glogowski, Assembly District 139 (western New York), all fellow Libertarians. In all, twelve Libertarians filed for public office in New York State.

Speaking for the 42 year-old Libertarian Party which defends constitutionally limited government, individual freedom, and an end to all prohibition, Gubernatorial candidate Michael McDermott stated, “Now 19 million New Yorkers will not be limited to choosing the lesser of two evils. Instead, New Yorkers can cast their votes for a balanced budget, real growth in private sector jobs, an end to the failed welfare state, and an end to needless suffering caused by inhumane prosecution of victimless crimes.”

The Libertarian Party stands for both personal and economic freedom, and minimal government regulation at all levels. To see the full Libertarian platform, go to http://www.lp.org/platform.

Donations to Michael’s campaign can be made by the “Donate” button on the right or the menu link, or mailed to:
McDermott for Governor
27 Lancaster Place
Huntington Station, NY 11746

Donations to the New York Libertarian Party can be mailed to:
Libertarian Party of New York
P.O. Box 728
Bellport, NY 11713

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Candidates NOT Getting Public Matching Funds Would Be a Colossal Success

The Clifton for New York State Comptroller Team writes,

According to a State of Politics story on August 6, “Bob Antonacci, the Republican candidate running for state comptroller who is participating in the first statewide public financing program, says not hitting the 2,000-donor threshold to qualify for public matching funds would be a “colossal failure” but he’s confident he’ll reach that goal by next month.” John Clifton, the Libertarian candidate for Comptroller, has responded that public financing of campaigns is a drain on New Yorkers’ resources, thus he says Antonacci failing to qualify would be a colossal success, or a good thing for voters.

“If you run expecting to get a government subsidy to conduct a ‘successful’ or viable campaign, you’re already feeding at the trough before you get in,” notes Clifton. “The cash to cover this political welfare program is coming from the state’s unclaimed money fund, in other words, money that should be going back to New York residents.” He and other Libertarians cite the example of the late Harry Browne, and other party standard bearers who chose not to base their campaign finances on public matching funds, or other money taken from taxpayers.

Clifton applauds candidates and parties who in general decline public financing, and notes all the 2014 ‘Team Liberty’ LP candidates for New York office (such as LP gubernatorial contender Michael McDermott) are running 100% on private funds and small donations. While incumbent Democrat Tom DiNapoli is not participating in the matching funds program, he can afford to, due to reports that he has raised $1.17 million in donations over the past six months, mainly from large unions or PACs, giving him a balance of $2.78 million.