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Ron Paul Home School Curriculum Under Attack

By Jason Charles | Wake the Church | Apr. 13, 2013

It seems once again Ron Paul is being attacked by big publications like the Guardian, even in retirement he simply can’t promote liberty without the internationalists taking issue. So what is the tactic they are using this time? Apparently his Homeschool Curriculum is being written by Evangelical Christians… dun da duuuun!

Ron Paul Homeschool Under Attack

Don’t Change the System, Create a Better One

If you haven’t heard he recently just announced from his brand new radio platform the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum. In his genius he is starting a schooling alternative that totally bypasses the establishment indoctrination camps, mislabeled as public education here in America.

It is no secret he opposes public education as being unconstitutional and a dismal  failure. In fact in the 2012 Presidential Debates he put forth a proposal to cut spending by 1 Trillion Dollars, and in that proposal right at the top was ending the Department of Education. Ron Paul is a purest in every since of the word and his congressional record proves it.

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My Thoughts On The Passing of The ‘New York SAFE’ Act & Becoming A Criminal By Fiat

Elusive Thoughts

gun-control_o_758196It has been sometime since I’ve written anything in this blog of mine; a lot has gone on in my life and I have been kept away, but the recent happenings in the legislature of my home state, New York, have prompted me to write again. Though my readership maybe small (if any after all this time) I still feel the need to write something anyways. Something about this egregious loss of freedom we New Yorkers now face and the dark future this law passing hearkens for our great nation.

The line in the sand has now unquestioningly been drawn between the two sides in this nation: those who wish to be left alone and those who will not leave them alone.

By fiat I have now become a criminal; I have done nothing wrong, committed no crime, but because of the ambitions of one man and those of his ‘party’ who follow him (and even some in the ‘party’ that don’t), and their desires to force change upon the people regardless of the tragedies they must exploit to do so, I am now to be treated no differently then a pedophile.

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