Michael McDermott for New York Governor 2014

Our Failing Economy

Going outAs I look around at the places I visit on my quest to become Governor of New York State, I see firsthand the damage, heartache & suffering that has come from our states faltering economy. Things are bad all over–all of us are feeling it, and it’s time for someone to stand up and make a change. It’s time for US to make a change.

No matter how many times I hear about the economic ‘recovery’, all I see is a cover-up. There is no recovery and we all know it.

When I left New York some years ago, I left as a successful real estate broker who saw a thriving economy in his rear view mirror. I never thought that when I returned, it would be a painful shell of what it formerly was. Though the banking scandals and real estate bubble of only a few years ago may have caused this mess to happen, people aren’t able to get back into their homes nor back into business because of some very simple and clear to point out problems…and the first one is over regulation.

Government, once again sticking its hand into what it does not understand, has caused a situation in New York (and especially on Long Island) a situation so odious that no one can get anywhere in the matters of business. Government has yet to understand that by only freeing the producers of this nation from regulations can they go on to live their dreams and make the products that benefit us all. Imagine if Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos had to deal with the regulations we have here, now, when they created Apple Computers & Amazon.com respectively. Could they even have created these two empires (as some would call them) that have come to benefit the people by untold millions? I have to wonder.

Until government gets out of the way, our States prosperity will never return, and nor will the countless number of young people who have been leaving our state in what many have called (rightfully) an exodus in the hopes of looking for the jobs and futures that this great state once had. I think it can have it again and I know we can do it together.