Michael McDermott for New York Governor 2014

Other Issues

So many other issues are as important to us on as the ones mentioned above. This page is dedicated to my feelings on them and how I feel they should be confronted.

Transparency in Government
Accessibility to our Elected Officials
Veterans & Their Issues, and Restore the Liberties of all Americans that have been lost

(Repeal NDAA, CISPA and all Laws and Executive Orders that limit the liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constituton)

Term Limits

(How can we expect a different outcome when we elect the same people year after year after year?)

Reinforce and Uphold State’s Rights

(The Federal Government must be reigned in to it’s constitutionally dictated powers)

Support the Second Amendment’s Individual Right to Bear Arms

(Including State Reciprocity and the support of strong civilian militias)

Reduce Government Spending

(Including nation building and military aid to foreign countries.  Respect the Constitution)

Common Sense HealthCare Reform to Make Sense for All

(Repeal the Affordable Health Care Act and unconstitutional mandates.  Let the free market work!)

Adhere to the Constitution

(First of All – READ IT!  This is the document the government needs to remember!)

We Cannot be a “Business as Usual” Government

(We need to work together to vote in Independent people to office.)

We MUST Reinvigorate Small Business and Reduce Unemployment

The Answer is NOT Wealth Redistribution It Is Wealth Creation

The Government must be limited to the scope envisioned by the framers of the Constitution. In order to reverse the cycle of expansion, New York needs to follow five critical steps:

END Deficit Spending
Reduce Government Regulations
End the Era of the LIFETIME Politician
Stop interference in business and unfunded mandates
Restore rights and the freedom to not be spied on by the government