Michael McDermott for New York Governor 2014

The Issues

Though the issues facing all of us in New York are important, there are a few that have made me come to realize that I can longer stand on the sidelines and do nothing about what is happening, especially since each affects me personally. Common Core, The Economy & The NYSAFE ACT. & The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act [aka Obamacare]. Each of these issues of mine is explained in more detail in the links to each below. It’s time for us all to stand up and say that enough is enough. History is not made by those who stayed home and did nothing, it’s made by those who got up, got out & got angry.


Common Core

Our children are our most important gift and once again government and big corporations have found a way to further drive us away from each other. I cannot help but think of these words from John D. Rockefeller:

‘I do not want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers.’  Read more…


Going out

Our Failing Economy

No matter how many times I hear about the economic ‘recovery’, all I see is a cover-up. There is no recovery and we all know it.

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bsticker1The NYSAFE ACT

This is government by crisis in its most naked form: a terrible tragedy, a response must be swift, take away the rights of those who had nothing to do with the incident in question…for their safety. … You do not penalize the innocent for the crimes of the guilty, but that seems to be  prerogative of government. Read more…




Obamacare quite roundly epitomizes one of the major realities of our entire nation that I stand against: corporatism, the control of our nation by unaccountable corporations who use the power of government to make us buy their (often defective) products.

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Spying, Militarization of the Police, Stop & Frisk…

On the NSA and spying on Americans, 24/7 surveillance, the loss of privacy, veterans losing their rights, and the militarization of the police: