Michael McDermott for New York Governor 2014


These are the endorsements that I generously received for my 2012 campaign. I hope to work with these individuals and groups again in 2014.

2012 Endorsements

The Queens Libertarian Party:

“Michael McDermott is one of the most dedicated advocates for Liberty that Long Island has produced in a long while. He has put together a remarkably efficient campaign organization in a short period of time, and shouldered the task of being an official co-director for the New York campaign of Former Governor Gary Johnson for President, which is no small feat! Michael is the real deal!”

John Clifton, Chair of the Queens Libertarian Party

The Independent American Party:

“Michael McDermott is one of the few in this world that I can honestly say has a pure heart and the intellect of a Founding Father! This is a powerful combination! VOTE Michael McDermott”

Kelly Gneiting, Chairman of the IAP

The Suffolk Libertarian Party:

“In my time interested in politics many have come and gone promising ‘hope’, ‘change’ and to’fix’ the system, but most have turned out to be a part of it. A few though, have stood up for those principles that they promised to fight for & I believe Michael McDermott will be one of them. If elected to Congress, I believe he will bring a voice of sanity and reason to the system, crying out that the freedoms we hold dear are never needed to be sacrificed in order for ‘safety’ & ‘security’. Michael McDermott is willing to fight & it is my sincere hope that you will fight with him, too.”

Edward Weaver, Chair of the Suffolk Country Libertarian Party

Former Governor Gary Johnson:

“Michael McDermott is well qualified to be a member of the United States Congress.  Together we will restore the precious liberties we have lost and return our government to one small enough to fit inside the US Constitution.”


The Nassau County Libertarian Party:

“I was privileged to have been able to personally interview a number of candidates for the Congressional seat currently held by Steve Israel (D), including Michael McDermott (L) and Steve Labate (R).  In my opinion, Michael McDermott is far and away the best candidate to have come to the attention of the Nassau Libertarian Party this election cycle.  I believe Mike McDermott will fight tirelessly to restore sanity to government and our individual liberties, and I proudly endorse him!”

Blay Tarnoff, Chair  Nassau County Libertarian Party

The State Libertarian Party:

“There are few individuals who have shown such commitment to providing an alternative to the Nanny State as Michael McDermott has. Mike McDermott is steadfast in his dedication to replacing warfare and welfare with liberty and personal responsibility. Mike McDermott will work for all of the citizens of the Third Congressional District to reduce our taxes and unwanted governmental interference in our lives. I wholeheartedly urge you to vote for Michael McDermott for Congress this November 6.”

Mark N. Axinn Chairman, Libertarian Party of New York

We also wouldn't have been able to create such an awesome campaign sign without americansignletters.com providing us with such a great install. It's great to have companies like this supporting us.

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  1. Great to see and hear you tonight in Ulster County. Hope to see and hear more.

  2. nurse4nfn@gmail.com on July 9, 2014 at 12:48 pm said:

    Hello friend just wondering where you stood on charter schools and school vouchers


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