Michael McDermott for New York Governor 2014

Michael McDermott Tells It Like It Is, And New York Is Listening

Michael McDermott debates three of the other candidates for New York Governor, and rather than speaking talking points, he spoke his mind, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Many are saying that Michael WON the debate with his honesty, and his pragmatic approach to breaking the hold of the entrenched parties on New York’s political system and people.

Clearly, Michael McDermott is the candidate who wants the people of the state to be in charge, not the corrupt and self-serving politicians. See for yourself in this uncut, unedited video of the event.

McDermott for Governor 2014

About McDermott for Governor 2014

In 2012, Michael successfully got on the ballot for Congress in Long Island’s third congressional district. He debated Congressman Steve Israel and Candidate Steve Labate at the League of Women Voters and did extremely well. Michael was pushing hard to be a force in the rest of the debate series (six in all), when the island was devastated by hurricane Sandy. The remaining debates were all cancelled. As a Libertarian, Michael is also in favor of keeping government, local and otherwise, out of personal relationships, stopping the government from spying on its citizens with drones and other electronic surveillance, and removal of long prison terms for non-violent, no victim offenses. Michael is leading the fight to remove red light cameras from our communities by ballot referendum. Michael is also a staunch advocate of our right to free speech, and the right to free expression, as long as such action does not interfere with the rights of others.

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